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What is Information Logistics May 10, 2007

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Information logistics is concerned with the supply of information to individuals and aims to optimize it by targeted delivery in accordance with requirements in such a way that that the substantively correct and actually necessary information is available where and when it is needed. This information should be transformed in line with users’ needs, depending on the communication media and users’ preferences, in order to aid custom processing of it.

– Definition from the Fraunhofer ISST Competence Center for Information Logistics

Information is created throughout the entire product creation process. The goal of information logistics is to optimize the content and format of the information, reduce throughput times and achieve a high degree of parallel processing. Our approach is such that information can be created and reused in a structured manner all along the value creation chain. This requires the use of an information model, an overall product tree and a graphic design concept. The deployed system must meet these requirements optimally.

The result is automated configuration of fully scalable information for a wide variety of target group perspectives (e.g. by sector or area of application). The customer can simply navigate through the information. The information and documentation creation process is made easier, safer and more efficient.



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