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Professionalism vital to manage logistics-related issues May 21, 2007

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National convention of Asian Council of Logistics Management inaugurated
Mr Debesh Das
Kolkata , Jan. 5, 2007

The West Bengal Minister for Information Technology, Mr Debesh Das, has emphasised the need for professionalism to manage logistics-related issues. “Unfortunately, West Bengal is lagging behind several other States in this regard,” Mr Das observed while inaugurating the sixth national convention of the Asian Council of Logistics Management (ACLM) here on Friday.

However, he pointed out, professionalism also presupposed certain amount of awareness among those in need of proper supply chain management. He hoped that the courses, being conducted by ACLM, would help create awareness, indicating that the West Bengal Government might consider extending its support if more such courses were organised. This was important because the economy of the State was growing, throwing up opportunities in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

Mr Sanjay Budhia, Managing Director of Patton Ltd, in his keynote address, observed that in today’s competitive world, proper management of logistics and supply chain related issues was not an option but a compulsion.

Narrating his own experience in this regard, he said that the customers, who were kings, would insist on goods delivered at the right time at the right place and at the right price.

Mr T.C. Dutt, former Chairman of Kolkata Port Trust, stressed the need for amending the Major Port Trust Act, which, he felt, was inadequate to meet the present-day requirements. While the economy was growing at a rapid rate and with it the volume of sea-borne trade, the growth of the port sector left much to be desired. Such a mismatch was not in the best interest of the economy.

The use of information technology in supply chain management was important, said Lt Gen D.D.S. Sandhu, Director-General of Ordinance Services, Indian Army, but equally important was to be careful about the proper use. The huge overload of information might not be of much help, he said.

Mr P.S. Bhattacharyya, CMD of Coal India Ltd, observed that proper handling of logistics-related issues had become critical for CIL as its production was slated to increase from the present 363 million tonnes to an estimated 1.25 mt by the next quarter of a century. In addition to volume increase, the improvement of quality too was important.

The washed coal, if transported over distance of 400-km and above, would be cost-efficient to use and 75 per cent of CIL’s dispatches on an average covered a distance of 600 km and above.

He explained how the non-availability of tyres for huge dumpers hit production. There were several other issues, which were also vital, he added.

ACLM, according to its President, Mr J.P. Dasgupta, proposed to launch more courses on logistics and supply chain management.

Also, there was a proposal to have chapters outside the State, he said.

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