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TOP 10 Mistakes in SCM May 25, 2007

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1. Believing that supply chain management is about managing a chain.

2. Trying to achieve major changes while doing business as usual.

3.  Having unshakeable faith in the value of vertical integration.

4.  Failing to synchronize demand chains and supply chains.

5. Talking about transformation in terms of the enabling technology.

6.  Pursuing “real time” visibility at all costs.

7. Practicing supply chain “monotheism.”

8. Misreading employees’ skills and aptitudes.

9.  Confusing globalization with global brands and cross-border trade.

10. Thinking that supply chain transformation is a simple task.



5 Responses to “TOP 10 Mistakes in SCM”

  1. Jan Says:

    Thank you for a very nice blog. I certainly know more about the logistics field in India now than I did before. Keep up the good work!

  2. Busie Says:

    I also want to thank you for the great job that you have done for me, as a student, it means a lot to me. keep up the good work, and never back up.

  3. SURAJ RATHI Says:

    superb articles.bring some more matter abt all d logistics and supply chain management so dat a student like me vl b more benefitted by ur efforts in future.

  4. Allen Says:

    Interesting list, and i agree with it.
    However, the challenge of optimising a supply chain, which is inherent in the post, is that a supply chain, or logistics chain deals lagely with the physical movement and transformation of product. Usually, it entirely misses the single greatest challenge, the human element of the status quo.
    Supply chain optimisation requires that people alter their behaviour, and sustain the alteration to the point where they are engaging in continuous improvement. It also requires that the notion of “value to the consumer” be respected, requiring a 180 degree shift in perspective.
    Get the human stuff done, and the rest is easy, at least by comparison.

    Allen Roberts.

  5. Aņdža Says:


    At the moment due to the Latvian government does not support the logistics industry and the many logistics companies are bankrupt, and because at the time I seeking opportunity to work outside my country. If you have any job for my work experience or education, I will be very glad to get this job for to the appropriate salary .

    Best regards,
    Andis Kamolinsh
    Logistic and warehouse manager

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