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Change and Dynamics of a Business Environment April 19, 2015

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Change and Dynamics of a Business Environment

  • It is Demand Driven Market. It is Demand Driven Economy
  • Of Knowledge and Skill – Skill is dominant considering the fact knowledge is all pervasive. The need for a trainer or teacher is of value if their role is to transfer information and knowledge. Today’s the role of a trainer or teacher is to enforce and embed a thinking pattern is capable of filtering the noisy environment we live in. I consider noise as any external factor that influences or alters our thinking pattern towards a state of insecurity.
  • Business deliver products and services
  • It is no longer product or service that competes in the market. And today, business focus is on consumer experience. Products and Services are designed and produced for unique consumer experience.
  • Engineering and Technology drive Innovation. Innovation is dependent on creativity, creativity is dependent on our ability to think, and thinking is a factor of intelligence.
  • We evolved from Industry Revolution. Where products were produced on based on the principles of mechanical automation. Advances in Electronics Engineering and allied engineering contributed to advances in the way products and services evolved.
  • One or more engineering disciplines contributed to advancing innovation. Electronics and Communication. Electricals and Electronics.
  • Consumer Experience is built on the need for social validation. Social Validation has become a dominant factor for success. Products and Services are built on the need for social validation.
  • Innovation – The need to innovate is built on the bandwidth of patience and tolerance. Patience and Tolerance contributes to the ability to endure. Endurance is referred as the Mental Stamina.
  • Humans are fundamentally control freaks. Complexity drives us crazy as it pulls us away from the comfort zones. Comfort zone is the zone of control. What is not comprehensible is out of our comfort zones.
  • Comfort zones provides us the physical and emotional security. Learning is a Physical activity.
  • The more we get freaked out, we seek more control. To control is to give or follow instructions. As control freaks we care less about logic but more about results.
  • Thinking is divided as convergent thinking and divergent thinking. Divergence thinking stimulates creativity and convergent thinking stimulates innovation. Innovation drives the need to produce products and services that keeps consumers within the comfort zones. Planning is a creative thinking process which demands divergence thinking. Universe is an example for divergence thinking and earth is an example of convergence thinking.
  • Consumers are becoming more demand driven.
  • Sourcing, Making, Delivering, Returns and Planning are the components of Supply Chain, Supply Network, Business Network. Between Business Networks relationships are to be sustained. Relationships are built on trust. And trust is built on understanding. Understanding is a divergence thinking activity.
  • Products and Services produced for Life has now become Products and Services for Lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle has its change and dynamics which is driving the need to build products and services that are both innovative and sustains social validation.
  • Products and Services meant for Social Life, Personal Life, and Professional Life has now evolved as Products and Services for Social Lifestyle, Personal Lifestyle, and Professional Lifestyle.
  • The need for collaboration for business is built on their ability to form and sustain relationships.
  • Comfort zones offers security. The discomfort zone provides scope for curiosity and anxiety. The uncertainty of the unknown and unpredictability of our efforts in the discomfort zone has paved way for products and services fine tuned to sustain comfort. The inability to manage anxiety has led to violence. It takes endurance to live in the discomfort zone. Learning is out of comfort zone activity.
  • The possibility of these subjects being part of the main academic stream is less possible due to lack of domain experts as part of the academic world. The domain experts or subject matter experts are part of the corporate world and they do not meet the academic requirements to become a lecturer or a professor. Again, even if they do meet, the culture of the academic world do not fit the value system of the corporate leaders. They are misfit in the academic world. Quite naturally, what we produce today from the academic world in terms of graduates are mere degree holders incapable of surviving in the corporate world.

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